Are your cheezes vegan?

Yes, all our cheezes are 100% plant based and dairy free. We are vegans ourselves and use only ingredients and cultures that are free from animal products and cruelty.

Are your cheezes gluten free?

They all are, apart from the baked brie that comes in puff pastry.

Can you use the cheezes for cooking?

You certainly can! All the softer and meltable cheezes are suitable for cooking. Cut a piece of cheeze, add some water or plant based milk and slowly warm up while stirring. Add all your favourite herbs and spices and create your own new dishes.


Is your packaging eco friendly?

Being all the ingredients natural and not containing any preservatives we mostly vacuum pack with recycled and recyclable plastic. If you would like a plastic free packaging and plan to eat your cheese within a week, we can pack it in cheeze paper instead. That won't be possible for the camembert to bake as it is too soft and sticky to be shipped like that, but we are looking into tubs for that.

We have not finalised our packaging yet, but we are trying to find the most eco friendly packaging that won't affect the cheezes' shelf life. And are open for any suggestions. Wherever we can, we use the same wrapping materials our own deliveries have.

How should I store my cheeze?

Please put your cheezes in the fridge upon arrival. The cheezes can be kept unopened for at least 2,5 weeks. Once opened, wrap your cheeze tightly and/or put in an airtight conntainer and consume within 7 days. Sometimes the cheeze is moist as vacuum packaging makes them "sweat". Gently wrap it in some paper towel to dry.